Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

Wire fraud and mail fraud are most often charged alongside other criminal charges, giving prosecutors the opportunity to obtain federal jurisdiction and to impose longer, more stringent sentences for criminal activity.

John W. Hartmann, Esq. is criminal defense lawyer based in West Windsor, New Jersey, who offers high-caliber, comprehensive representation to individuals facing prosecution for mail and wire fraud, as well as any related criminal charges. Hartmann is a former state representative and former prosecutor. He has extensive experience advocating in municipal, Mercer County, and New Jersey state courts. Hartmann has the ability to effectively handle all elements of your criminal case, regardless of the circumstances.

Convictions for mail or wire fraud can carry significant prison sentences and expensive fines, as well as requiring forfeiture of all assets derived from the fraudulent activities. When these charges involve a financial institution, such as a bank, the penalties increase significantly.

Because mail and wire fraud are often prosecuted in conjunction with other white collar crimes, individuals who have been charged with mail and wire fraud often face additional penalties for:

  • Bank fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax evasion


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