Firearm Possession

Firearm Possession Lawyers

Possession of any firearm without a proper and current license is considered unlawful possession of a weapon, and it is classified as a felony of either second or third degree, depending on the type of firearm involved. Even if you legally own a firearm, the law restricts its uses and purposes. If you have been charged with firearm possession, it is critical to seek immediate assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

John W. Hartmann, Esq. has experience handling all types of weapons offenses in Mercer County, New Jersey. Hartmann is a former state representative, former prosecutor, and accomplished trial lawyer who is ready and willing to fight for your rights in court, and Hartmann will not stop until he has secured the best outcome possible for your case.

Understanding Firearm Possession Laws

In New Jersey, most offenses for criminal possession of a firearm are governed by the Graves Act. Consequences often are subject to a prison sentence with a mandatory period of parole ineligibility.

Unlawful possession laws can be very complicated. You can “possess” something in New Jersey in one of three ways — actual, constructive or joint. That means you can be charged with unlawfully possessing a weapon if you had knowledge of the weapon, knowledge of its location, and unfettered access to it.

New Jersey Gun Charges are serious

As skilled defense attorney, I vigorously defend the rights of my clients in these types of cases. Depending on your circumstances, our case strategy may include thoroughly investigating:

  • The weapon’s operability and whether it meets the legal definition of a weapon;
  • The circumstances surrounding law enforcement’s discovery of the weapon; and
  • Whether any state or federal constitutional rights were violated during the search or seizure process.

When warranted, we will also argue for discretionary waiver of the Graves Act’s mandatory or enhanced penalties.


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