Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Mercer County, New Jersey invests considerable resources in aggressively pursuing convictions for drug trafficking. Prosecutors are anxious to bring down strict sentences, it is crucial that you have a skilled defense lawyer by your side.

John W. Hartmann, Esq., a West Windsor, New Jersey, criminal defense attorney is committed to protecting the rights of people accused of drug crimes, such as drug trafficking. John W. Hartmann understands personally the lengths that some officers will go to when investigating these types of crimes. Hartmann is diligent in protecting his clients’ constitutional rights.

The penalties for drug trafficking in Mercer County are harsh and strictly construed. A single offense can carry a sentence ranging from five years to life in prison, in addition to fines reaching in excess of a million dollars. The severity of the punishment depends largely on:

  • The classification of the drug, based on its acceptable medical use, dependency potential and dangerous effects
  • The amount of drug being manufactured, sold, smuggled or delivered to users
  • A defendant’s previous criminal offenses

John W. Hartmann, Esq. is a former state representative and former prosecutor with extensive experience representing people charged with drug crimes. John will examine all of the evidence against you and the means used to obtain it, fighting against unreasonable searches and seizures. He will also relentlessly pursue to alternative sentences that treat underlying addictions and minimize the impact that charges have on a clients’ future.


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