Public Corruption Lawyer

Public officials – whether elected or appointed – are trusted by citizens to serve the common good and not their own interests. In order to protect the rights of the public, federal law provides severe penalties for individuals convicted of public corruption.

At Johnwhartmann, Esq., a respected Trenton, New Jersey, criminal defense law firm, we vigorously defend officials who have been accused of corruption, ensuring that prosecutors meet their obligations in court and that convictions are not swayed by media coverage and public opinion.

There are a vast number of acts, which could be prosecuted as public corruption, but most commonly officials are prosecuted with charges involving:

  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Falsification of documents
  • Racketeering/RICO
  • Election law violations

At The Johnwhartmann, Esq., we understand the intricacies of these complex federal crimes and have the experience necessary to help clients successfully navigate the investigation process. We quickly begin building a strategic defense, attempting to stop indictments before they happen.

When cases do progress, we are relentless in our defense of clients, ensuring that their rights are protected. Our attorneys go above and beyond to give clients the best opportunity to clear their names and protect their future.


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