Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney


More often than not in Mercer County, the State of New Jersey executes its arrests for various drug offenses either in violation of an individual’s constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure, or without sufficient evidence for conviction. As your criminal attorney, I will begin your defense by conducting its own investigation into the facts, witnesses, and necessary questions:

  • Was there probable cause for the traffic stop, arrest or search of your automobile, person, or home?
  • When the police stopped you for questioning, did they have a reasonable, articulable suspicion that a crime either occurred or was about to occur?
  • When you were frisked or “pat down”, did that officer have reason to believe his safety was in jeopardy you that you possessed a weapon?
  • Were the seized drugs actually in your physical or constructive possession?
  • Did the police properly advise you of your Miranda rights once taken into custody?

Answers to these questions may lead to dismissal of your charges, an amendment of the original charges to those of a lesser degree, and/or obtaining a not-guilty verdict at trial.

As your criminal attorney for such an offense, I will fight vigorously for alternative dispositions, such as drug court, substance abuse programs, noncustodial probation, PTI, or conditional discharge.


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