Carjacking Defense Lawyer

Carjacking Defense Lawyer

Carjacking is defined in Mercer County and all of New Jersey as the taking of a motor vehicle – without consent and with the intent to deprive the true owner of the vehicle – by use of bodily force, threat, commission of a second-degree crime, or while the occupants remain in the vehicle. This first-degree crime carries severe punishments that can have a impact on the rest of your life.

John W. Hartmann, Esq., is a criminal defense lawyer based in West Windsor, New Jersey, he provides comprehensive defense representation to people who are facing felony charges of car theft, including carjacking. My top priority is to ensure that my clients’ rights are protected and that they have the best opportunity to secure a resolution that fits their best interests.

A conviction for carjacking can result in a sentence of 10 to 30 years in prison, with a requirement that more than 85 percent of that sentence be served before they are eligible for parole. When your future is on the line, you need an attorney who will go to battle for you in plea negotiations or in the courtroom.

John W. Hartmann, Esq., is a seasoned trial lawyer with the experience and skill necessary to successfully advocate on behalf of individuals facing even the most serious felony charges. John is diligent and proactive, investing in every case so that he can build effective strategies that protect his clients’ rights and their futures.


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