Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

At its core, embezzlement is property theft. When an individual or group is entrusted with property for one reason, but uses that property for another purpose without the owner’s consent, he or she is guilty of embezzlement.

John W. Hartmann, Esq., a West Windsor, Mercer County, New Jersey, criminal defense lawyer understands the severe penalties that can follow an embezzlement conviction and the damage that a public trial can have on your reputation. That is why Hartmann will work diligently and proactively, designing an aggressive defense that protects your rights.

Embezzlement can range from one-time incidents involving small amounts of money that are quickly returned to sophisticated practices that affect millions of dollars in assets. While many people associate embezzlement with high-ranking corporate officials, embezzlement charges can often be filed against anyone who handles financial transactions and data, including bookkeepers, cashiers, employees and volunteers who:

  • Misappropriate funds
  • Alter receipts or account information
  • Underreport profits
  • Create fraudulent bills from nonexistent vendors
  • Make fraudulent payments to nonexistent employees

John W. Hartmann, Esq. will begin preparing for trial as soon as he takes on your case. Hartmann will conduct his own diligent investigation into the case, giving him the ability to develop strategic, informed defense arguments that protect you through investigations, plea negotiations and, if necessary, trial.


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